An ongoing series of thread painted textiles. It explores the beauty of the face in found photos of antique statuary.  My ongoing interest in the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi has informed my work over many years. These pieces explore the beauty of faces that are weathered, old and imperfect. They contain a Wabi-Sabi spirit. They are explorations of texture, color and form. They began with photos of the sculptures and were translated by free motion stitching/embroidery into textile with depth, color and inviting surfaces. Beautiful Faces, var. 1Beautiful Faces, var. 2, Garden Goddess with IvyBeautiful Faces, var. 3, Garden Goddess with Flowers in Her HairBeautiful Faces, var. 2, Garden Goddess with FlowersBeautiful Faces, var. 5, AphroditeBeautiful Faces, var. 6, Garden GoddessBeautiful Faces, var. 9, Athena Holding Up the WorldBeautiful Faces, var, 10, Reclining Bust with Curved ArmBeaatiful Faces, Hadrian Profiles, var. 11Beautiful Faces, Carved Head in Bowl, var. 12Beautiful Faces, var. 13, Garden Goddess with Roman Wall (Artemis)Beautiful Faces, hadrian in Bronze, var. 14Beautiful Faces, Ancient Olympus, var. 15